Local saga

Gasthof Dietrichshorn

The Dietrichshorn is also known locally as the Alblhorn. They say a cave leading steeply downwards can be found in a hidden rock face, with a golden carriage at the bottom. But anyone who wants to claim it mustn’t utter a word: Long ago, a farmer’s son from Hallenstein chanced it, and some friends lowered him by rope down into the cave. The rope went down, further and further, into the depths. His feet finally touched the bottom, and there he saw a strangely gleaming, heavenly carriage, surrounded by every possible kind of shimmering treasure. Blinded by the prospect of never-ending riches, he called up to his friends waiting above: “There’s enough gold for everyone!” But at that moment, the cliffs echoed his cry, he was surrounded by night as black as a crow, and the all the shimmering gold had disappeared.


The farm has been in existence on the Unkenberg since 1651, under the name "Hoisenbauer". The family-run Gasthaus Dietrichshorn and the farm have been together since the 60’s.

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